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Posted by kiohl on 2006.04.24 at 16:23
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(( Written out by selasphorus and myself via email. ;P ))

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Selene's Dream

Posted by genmaicha on 2006.04.24 at 15:21
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Note: this takes place a bit after the Trina and Miv conversation that started in this post; the continuation of that will be posted by kiohl soon. Just a short continuity hiccup. ;)

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kiohl the pokégeek!

OOC: Art post and update!

Posted by kiohl on 2006.02.03 at 11:39
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I did forget to post this here, didn't I? o_O Oops!

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Okay, and now that FC is over, it looks like selasphorus and I are going to have time to start writing again. :D Sorry for the long wait! XD



Posted by kiohl on 2005.12.18 at 18:41
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An intro and another to come

Posted by genmaicha on 2005.12.18 at 18:30
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OOC: Some random information

Posted by genmaicha on 2005.12.18 at 15:39
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Just a bit of information on the Oathbound version of the Pokémon universe. :) These changes were decided upon by kiohl and myself as a way to make the world work better for the storyline purposes.

Trainers are NOT limited to six Pokémon to carry, but more than six becomes unwieldy, and most trainers can't properly attend to more than six. Most battles have a limit of six participants unless a lower limit is named specificly.

Pokémon do not have a four-move limit; they can retain the knowledge of how to use all moves they've learned in their lives, limited only by their level.

A Pokéball binds the Pokémon it has captured and the bond cannot be broken unless the Pokémon strongly wills it OR a snag machine is employed. This prevents a trainer from capturing another trainer's Pokémon, even if that trainer is not around. The bond is somewhat of a psychic/empathic connection that grows with time; psychic Pokémon tend to make the bond stronger initially (without requiring the long period to build it) once their trust is earned, and psychic trainers are easier to bond to. The bond between a psychic trainer and psychic Pokémon is a very intense one (like that shared by Selene and her Abra, Shaman, and her Gardevoir, Oracle).

More to be added as I remember. ;)

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The beginning of a grand new adventure.

Posted by genmaicha on 2005.12.15 at 19:11
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OOC: Art post

Posted by kiohl on 2005.12.12 at 21:42
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Character sketches! So far I've just got Trina and her brother, Miv.

Trina sketchCollapse )

Miv sketchCollapse )

Hopefully I can get these colored someday. XD

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More introductions; Selene

Posted by genmaicha on 2005.12.08 at 15:11
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Selene's introduction.Collapse )

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Posted by genmaicha on 2005.12.01 at 19:35
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And...it starts.

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