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Miv's team

(( The remainder of what I'd written ))

Posted by kiohl on 2009.03.31 at 21:36
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(( So I'm sure any watchers will have noticed that this hasn't been updated. :) I just wanted to get a little bit more out, since it's been sitting in mine and selasphorus' inboxes for about two and a half years now. XD; This entry is backdated a year. Or... attempted to, but I don't think I did it right. o_o [Someone needs to teach me how to do this XD;] Never mind, I'll just leave it.

Anyway, there will possibly be more in the future, but if there is, it's going to be from the past...! ))

The waterways that wove through the town of Cerulean glittered below him, reflecting pinks and purples from the sunset. It was getting late. Even with Forseti's speed, the flight from Jagged Pass to this northernmost city in Kanto took the good part of two days. Last night, Miv had camped with his pokémon along Route 14 outside of Fuschia City, after crossing the great expanse of water that lay between Kanto and Hoenn. Of course, he'd taken care to fly high out of reach of the ocean spray; even from far up in the sky, the waves unnerved him. He couldn't imagine why Aunt Joanne had decided on Cerulean as her place of residence.

"Somewhere like Pewter City, or Blackthorn... Lavaridge or Fallarbor. Now those are much better!" he mused aloud. He felt more than heard Forseti's rumble of agreement. "No water for miles..."

A glance at his belt made him crease his brow worriedly. "Though... water would have been useful against that Blaziken. Maybe...," he began. Miv paused, then finished his thought with consternation. "I'll... get a Barboach... or something... someday. Someday. Not today."

The Flygon banked as he came within sight of the coast. Aunt Joanne was convinced that the ocean was good for pokémon, so she situated her house right next to it, as close as was safely possible. Miv did not visit much.

They descended in lazy spirals, until Forseti was low enough to backwing and land in a flurry of sand and grit. He brushed most of it off of his clothes and recalled the ground dragon, then walked up the pathway to the door and rapped it with his knuckles. "Aunt Joanne?" Miv called out. "It's me, Miv!"

There was silence for a moment, and then a crescendoing sound of pattering feet. The boy was suddenly knocked to one side as a large shape hurled itself out from behind the house and tackled him. "HOUNDOUR!" the pokémon cried, yipping happily and covering Miv's face with slobber.

"Ack, Torris, down boy!" he managed, as he tried in vain to get the dog pokémon off of him. "Okay, y'wanna mess with me?" Miv laughed aloud. "Let's see you try this!"

The boy's arms wrapped themselves around the Houndour's torso, and suddenly the two were rolling around wrestling in the sandy garden. Miv hugged the pokémon tight enough to make him grunt, and the air was filled with laughter and a distinct smell of smoke.

"PAXTON!" he heard a familiar voice peal, then felt himself and Torris picked up bodily off the ground and embraced by a large set of arms belonging to an equally large woman.

He struggled in her grasp. "Aunt Joanne, how many times have I asked you to call me Miv? No one calls me that, not even the official announcers at the tournament!" Miv was, however, grinning. "It's good to see you though, Aunt Joanne. I'm glad to see your house is still dry and standing..." He caught his breath as she put him down.

"Ahh, you and your fear of water," she chuckled. "One of these days you'll catch a water pokémon, and then you'll be fine!

"Come on, come in. It's been ages since I've seen my nephew," she said, nearly forcing Miv to his feet and ushering him to the door. Torris, tongue lolling, followed behind. "I've got dinner with your name written all over it sitting at my table right now. You can tell me about why you're here afterwards."

The boy did not resist one bit as he was propelled into the house.


The plates clinked as Miv stacked them in the kitchen sink. Behind him, his pokémon resided in their pokéballs, rejuvenating in the warm glow of Joanne's restoration machine. After he was done, he went to join her in the family room, where she was already setting out a tray with a silver teapot and two ceramic mugs. He thanked her as she poured him a full cup, and for a while, they simply sat in silence, gazing out the bay window at the sun setting over the mountains. Torris lay contentedly at the woman's feet, snoozing.

"Too bad I live on the eastern edge of Kanto," his aunt mused, sipping her tea. "Otherwise, sunsets would fall right over the ocean."

"Mm," Miv grunted noncomittally. He was quite happy facing Mt. Moon, rather than the coast.

"So," the breeder began, placing her cup on the glass table with a clunk, "what brings you here, Paxton? Is it what I think it is?"

Ignoring the use of his real first name rather than his chosen nickname, Miv smiled over the lip of his mug. "Yes and no, Aunt Joanne. I've come to pick up Trina's surprise, that's true, but she also sent me to take those Eevee twins off your hands." He sipped the hot tea, feeling the spiced aroma wash away the worries of his day. No wonder she does this every night. Maybe I'll make it a habit myself, he thought.

"Those two? But she doesn't have any interest in non-dragons... except for maybe Roxy." She paused expectantly, waiting for the boy to fill her in.

He nodded. "You're right, Aunt Joanne. They're not for her. They're for her new partner," he stated with a grin.

"New partner?" queried the woman curiously. "What's this all about?"

Miv smirked. "If you think that's interesting, wait'll you hear why she has a partner." He paused for effect. "She's been asked to hunt Legends by Professor Oak."

The Houndour yipped in consternation as the breeder surged to her feet. "Hunt Legends?! By that old man Oak?!"

She suddenly reached down off her great height and easily picked the dog pokémon off the ground. "Torris, did you hear that?!" she cried. "Little Trina's all grown up now and having world-famous researchers coming to find her!" She squeezed the Houndour so tight that Miv winced in sympathy, but Torris seemed to be used to it. He got her back by slobbering all over her arms while she continued her tirade, and Miv grinned at her reaction, reminded of how he had acted when he first heard. "We've got to do what we can to help her! What does she need? Pokéballs? Berries? Potions? New pokémon?"

At that, Joanne finally put the poor pokémon down and turned to her nephew. "Well, Miv, looks like you had some excellent foresight. She is getting a new pokémon, and one that she'll love, I'm sure." She winked. "On that note, let's go see the little girl, shall we?" she invited, pulling the boy to his feet after he hurriedly put his mug down. "You haven't seen her in a while."

He dutifully followed her out into the darkening yard. "She still likes to sleep in the same place, by the rocky overhang in that sandy patch over there," Joanne commented.

"I'm not surprised," Miv replied, chuckling. "She's a ground type, after all."

The breeder grinned connivingly, which made Miv wonder. "Yes, yes she is."

They approached the rock shelf slowly, careful not to wake the other sleeping pokémon. As they got closer, Miv began to hear a distinct, low buzzing that occurred at regular intervals. I... know that pattern... Next to him, his aunt saw his recognition and smirked.

They stopped when they reached the edge of the patch, as their shoes crunched lightly on the sand. Miv peered into the shadows under the overhang and caught sight of a long tail, small antennae, glassy eyes, and angled wings that shook with each sleepy breath. Well, he thought in wonder, that explains the buzzing.

He turned to the older woman and smiled warmly. "You're an amazing breeder, Aunt Joanne," he said softly.

"She's evolved."


genmaicha at 2009-04-01 04:53 (UTC) (Link)
...You freaking dork, I was just reading through all the old stuff and thinking we should try this again. :)
kiohl at 2009-04-01 05:01 (UTC) (Link)
XD XD XD Awesome timing. XD I was thinking I wanted to write more of this story, but didn't want to move ahead without you. :P For now, I think you'll be seeing more about Miv's past and childhood, maybe even some of Damien. XD;

Also, I need your team!!
eldareth at 2009-04-02 04:04 (UTC) (Link)
I was just thinking about this a couple days ago and hoping that you guys would pick it up again...good Pokemon fanfiction is a little hard to find...so yay :)
kiohl at 2009-04-02 04:47 (UTC) (Link)
X3 I think the release of Platinum might help us drive this forward a little bit. :)

Thanks for still reading! :P
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