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Miv and Forseti

Character Profiles: Miv

Posted by kiohl on 2006.08.15 at 16:40
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Name: Paxton Mivel Andrews
Age: 18
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Hometown: Cinnabar Island
Starter: Trapinch
Speciality: Ground
Occupation: Pokémon Trainer
Appearance: One of the first things people notice about Miv is his open and ready smile, which reaches all the way up to his grassy green eyes. At 5'9", he is not yet as tall as his deceased elder brother, but he is growing into his current role as eldest of the Andrews children. His spiky blond hair is often combed back messily, and adds a few inches to his height. He wears a black sleeveless tee and a light teal short-sleeved hooded pullover, a pair of baggy jeans, and black sneakers. On his right wrist he wears a dark blue band.

Bio: Miv has always been a happy-go-lucky type of guy, though he can often be protective, especially of his brothers and sisters. As an Andrews, he is naturally supportive of the rest of his family.
When he was very young, before he could remember, he and his older brother, Damien, went out alone to play in the ocean by their house on Cinnabar. At one point, Damien accidently dunked him under the water, and he became caught in the seaweed growing on the reef. His older brother rescued him without harm, but since then, he has always had an innate fear of water. The eldest Andrews child never told their parents about the incident.
Many years later, when news of Damien's death reached his family, Miv kept up a strong front for his younger siblings, and together with his parents, helped them through the tough time. Even so, he has managed to keep his naturally good humor throughout the years, and does not anger easily. However, one thing is sure to spark his temper, and that is if he sees pokémon being mistreated.
As a result of his feelings towards the water, when Miv was old enough to find his first pokémon, he traveled into the depths of the mountain with his father's Aggron instead of into the ocean. He came back with a Trapinch that he named Forseti.
Currently, Miv travels the world on his Flygon, training extensively for the day on which he can again battle for the Championship.

Current Team: Forseti (Flygon) - Thiazi (Nidoking) - Glitnir (Steelix) - Nifl (Piloswine) - Muspel (Camerupt)

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