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Posted by kiohl on 2006.04.24 at 16:23
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(( Written out by selasphorus and myself via email. ;P ))

Trina grinned. "Sounds like you've been busy, brother-of-mine," she replied, hearing the soft buzz of her brother's Flygon in the background. "Training hard?"

Meanwhile, the spike-furred Roxy had strutted in her energetic way up to the newly-introduced Charmander. "Jol-jolt!" she greeted pleasantly. Trina's team was formed primarily of Pokémon she'd caught herself--with the exception of the Jolteon, who had been given to her by her aunt, a Pokémon breeder. Roxy had been her aunt's companion years ago when she was a trainer, though she hardly looked or acted her age. The mystical, almost ageless ambience of the dragon Pokémon cast her in an even more youthful light, though the truth was she was the oldest on the team by far. Still, with a speed rating like hers, age wasn't going to slow her down, but it had taught her manners.

"Chaar," the fire lizard answered shyly, a bit off-put by the Bagon's chilly reception of her introduction. The Jolteon flicked an ear and chortled softly with a glance in Bahamut's direction. "[Don't worry about him! He's not much of a people Pokémon.]"

Trina smiled as she saw the exchange, catching the gist of what Roxy was expressing; the Jolteon's long history with humans had taught her how to adapt her speech and body language to be more easily understood, and it was a talent Trina was glad to have available to her.

"As always," he laughed. "We're up on Jagged Pass right now, and I can feel that Glitnir's close to leveling."

At the sound of her name, the Steelix turned her eyes on her trainer, who reached out to pat her nose. She dipped her head to accept the token of affection, then swiveled away to explore the rocky face. Miv smiled and brought his attention back to the conversation at hand.

"Close to levelling? Awesome!" Trina answered. "I think Bahamut's close to evolving...at least, it seems like it. He really is due to go Shellgon." She glanced at the Bagon, who was making a big show of pretending to ignore all the fuss over Blayze, but the way he kept giving the Charmander jealous glances for being the center of attention gave him away.

"I hope he does soon, for your sake!" Miv laughed. "That dragon is one of the most possessive I've seen; hopefully after he evolves he'll be more mild.

"So, what's up? It's not often that you grace me with a phone call," the boy teased.

"Well, to put it short, I think I'll be in your neck of the woods soon. But for the whole story..." And she proceeded to fill her brother in on the message, the assignment from the professors, the somewhat odd partner, the new Pokémon.

Meanwhile, Tiamat and Charybdis were making good use of the mountain lake; it wasn't very deep, but it was refreshing to swim in, and the dragon and pseudo-dragon were evidently enjoying it. Rhapsody the Altaria was introducing herself to Blayze in the gorgeous song that was her kind's manner of speech.

"Professor Oak?" he asked, incredulous. "THE Professor Oak?! He asked you to go on a mission for him?!"

The news finally sunk in in a heartbeat. Suddenly Miv nearly yelled into the phone, breaking into a stream of thoughts that caused both of his pokémon to glance up in surprise. "Well, that's AWESOME!" he cried out. "What can I do to help? I always knew my little sister would grow up to be a great trainer! Let me know if you need anything! Where are you? Are you ready to go? Did you pack? Do you need me to get you supplies? I'm so proud of you!!"

He paused to catch his breath, and in doing so finally heard her mirth on the other side of the line.

Trina laughed brightly. If there was one thing that the Andrews family was known for, it was their very supportive natures, and being proud of the accomplishments of each other. "I think I'll be pretty good, but... Say. Is there any way you could drop in on Aunt Joanne? Last time I talked to her, she said she had a pair of Eevees that she needed a home for, siblings that refuse to be parted. I was thinkin' maybe my new partner might appreciate them?" As she spoke, she looked over at Roxy, the Jolteon who had been a gift from their aunt the Pokémon breeder. She didn't exactly fit the overall team that Trina had wanted; for an electric teammate, she had wanted an Ampharos, after all. But upon meeting the spikey-staticy Jolteon that Joanne had found abandoned and then nursed back to health, Trina knew that Roxy felt she had a lot to prove, and that life on the road with a trainer would suit her far more than staying in relative comfort. It was always hard to keep electric Pokémon in one place, after all.

"Aunt Joanne? Out by Cerulean? Not a problem!" he replied animatedly. Inwardly, however, Miv was getting mixed feelings. He tended to avoid the coastal areas though, preferring the solidity of hard earth beneath his feet to the undulating motion of the waves. In addition to that, all his pokémon, being at least partially ground-type, were susceptible to the water pokémon that inhabited such areas. Still, there were times where he enjoyed the salty sea air, especially if he was standing a good deal away from the water.

"Yeah, I'll pick up those Eevees for you. And now that you've got your own Pokédex, I think we might be able to do a direct transfer over wireless. I'm pretty sure every Pokémon Center has a hotspot."

A deep roar and the agitated creaking of steel made him spin around quickly. "Gotta run, Trina," he said quickly. "Sounds like Glitnir has found something. Love ya sis, bye!"

He was already jumping up on Forseti when he clicked his cell off and shoved it away in his pocket. "Let's go, 'Seti!" he called out to his friend. He heard the unmistakeable crack and squeal of breaking metal echo off the mountain, and urged the Flygon into the air. "Glit's around the corner, and she sounds like she needs help!"


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kiohl at 2006-04-29 00:47 (UTC) (Link)
XD XD I've asked her, and it's okay with her if you use it, as long as you credit. :) It's actually my half-dragon character, Kruun, whose head looks full dragon because he's slowly becoming more and more full-blooded... ;)

And I will write more, after apps are due! :O
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