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Green tea: genmaicha

Selene's Dream

Posted by genmaicha on 2006.04.24 at 15:21
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Note: this takes place a bit after the Trina and Miv conversation that started in this post; the continuation of that will be posted by kiohl soon. Just a short continuity hiccup. ;)

Darkness surrounded her. A giant, grim form of battered steel stood beside her, barely able to hold itself up with eyes closed in sheer fatique; a form of blazing white fur and a shorter one of dark grey were crouched in front of her, snarling furiously at the Enemy that faced her, trying not to let show that they both were just as exhausted as the steel form. Selene was terrified. Oracle- Oracle was down, unconscious, the Gardevoir's strength spent. The twins were paralyzed. The man in his black uniform laughed at her, powering up the machine in his hand, taunting that this time the Metagross wouldn't have the strength to resist-

She pushed past the Absol and Sneasel, returning them to their Pokéballs in a sudden move they were unable to resist, trying to tackle the sneering man and save her valiant Steampunk. She was too small, too frail; he backhanded her, and she collapsed with a cry of pain, but not before managing to retrieve the fallen Pokéball and return Steampunk to the safety within. The man's eyes lit up in fury, and he advanced on her-
A flash of light zapped from her backpack as she fell, a glowing reverse-silhouette that started as an Abra, and suddenly, before her eyes, became a Kadabra. Anger unrelenting radiated from the glowing form, and she tried to comprehend that Shaman, her noncombatant Abra, had evolved to save her-

Laughter. Horrible laughter. And a sickly red light erupted from the handheld machine, seizing the Kadabra and tearing him away from her. He cried in her mind, tried to Teleport away, but the beam held him firm, and he was unable to resist as the Snag Machine captured him and shut him within the dark-plated Snagball. And part of her soul was torn away, ripped to shreds, and she couldn't feel him anymore-

Darkness overwhelmed her. She was unaware of what occurred between that and the next flash of light, the way her body felt slammed into something sharp and cold. There was water now, and she was sinking in it, down into a welcome oblivion. Shaman. Shaman was gone. Bubbles spilled from her mouth as she let the depth take her-

--I will not let you fall.--

Something beneath her, a great, firm, glowing body, bearing her upward, back into the air as she coughed water from her lungs, seizing the form that held her with a wail of choked-off pain, tears mingling with sea-water as her hair clung wetly to her body. She saw the glowing blue eyes in her mind-

--I cannot replace what has been taken from you. But I will seek to amend these wrongs, if you will aid me.--

The moon upon the ocean, the shifting rhythms of gravity on the tides. Locked in a dance, the influence of one upon the other, necessitating a connection that would be known to ancient peoples and guessed at by modern civilizations. Silver light making undulating patterns upon the edge of sky and sea-

And the eyes-

--Give unto me thy Oath, and thy Oath be made with a true heart and fervent hope that all be remedied. Give unto me thy Oath without desire of personal gain or vengeance, but with the prayer to restore rightful balance and heal the pains of a grieving world. Give unto me thy Oath, and unto thee my Oath be made, to bear thee up and be thy champion. Dost thou pledge and with thy pledge join two hearts and two souls as Oathbound?--

The eyes-

* * *

Selene shot upright in bed with a gasp and a cry of terror. Immediately Shaman was at her side, hovering, his faintly-slitted eyes expressing his vast concern. {Selene! What's wrong, Selene? You're terrified!}

[A dream...a dream! A horrible dream-] she stammered mentally, flooding him with inarticulate emotion, of pain and terror and grief and despair and a sudden burning hope. She started to try to tell him what she had experienced, but already the dream was fading, the details lost from her. [I was hurt, something- something was taken...]

Moonlight poured in through the window of her grandmother's house, shimmering on white fur, glinting on a headblade. Her turmoil was silenced as she looked into the eyes of the Absol, calmly regarding her from a position beside her bed. Cassandra. The Absol were rumored to be ill omens, portents of destruction and disaster, and with some taste of irony, Selene had named hers for the mythological prophetess whose words were unbelieved. After all, it was the psychics who truly saw the future, not the darks. But in the Absol's dark crimson gaze, she felt a sudden uneasiness, and as always, she was unable to touch the dark-type's mind, barred as always by the element's invulnerability to mental manipulation from the psychic element.

{Selene? Whatever it is, it seems to be gone now,} the Abra observed. {You've gone from terrified to...confused.}

Selene shook her head, running a hand through her sleep-mussed curtain of dark dark hair. The Absol's gaze had sucked her in, and now she remembered nothing of the dream, except for the unease of knowing it had terrified her. [Likely just nerves... There's a lot of pressure on me in this assignment, and I fear backlash if my partner turns out to be one of those who mistrusts psychics,] she murmured mentally, giving word-form to her thoughts even though Shaman could himself obtain that meaning from her thoughts. The bond between them was a very tight one, allowing for communication that let them work together seamlessly. And as an empath, the bond was tighter than that enjoyed by other human psychics, those whose talents lay more in the area of mind-reading and thought-sensing, or of foresight and premonition. She was not known for the latter at all. Grandmother Montgomery was, and it was one of those premonitions that had brought Kan'ya the Sneasel into their party. Surely this was no premonitory dream...she'd have remembered the message it imparted if so. It had to be born of her anxieties.

Shaman tilted his head. {You should get to sleep, if you still plan to run us through a few training sessions tomorrow. Well, later today,} the Abra amended. {You figure there'll be enough time to level up that little firebird to evolution?}

[She's at level 10 now, so it shouldn't be too hard,] Selene answered absently as she shifted herself in bed, noting that Cassandra had already lowered her head back down to her forepaws and was sleeping again. [Yeah, I should get back to sleep... It'll be a long day...]

As she closed her eyes, she registered Shaman's disappearence back into his Pokéball, with a brief mental touch to impart his affection for her. Without much delay, she found herself drifting back into sleep, with dreams unremarkable...

Except for the occasional gaze of two glowing eyes...


kiohl at 2006-04-24 23:23 (UTC) (Link)
*tries to contain her excitement* Mwehehehe XD

... *conniving grin* :D
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kiohl at 2006-04-24 23:44 (UTC) (Link)
*laughs at your icon!!*

Mine's a zergling from the Starcraft games, specifically Starcraft: Ghost. ;)
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