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Posted by kiohl on 2005.12.18 at 18:41
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The boy shoved a stray lock of blonde hair back from his eyes as he scanned the forested hills below him. He stood on the edge of a crag near Jagged Pass, the wind warm as it wafted down from the peak of Mt. Chimney. To his left, he could just catch sight of the small houses and shops that made up Verdanturf Town between the trees, along with the new Battle Tent that rose up where the old Contest Hall used to lie. He still wasn't quite used to seeing those, nor to the tactics of battling that they used.

A soft trill behind him brought his attention back to the present. "You're right, Forseti," Miv replied, nodding. "Come on, let's find something for Glitnir to battle."

The youth backed away from the cliff's edge and turned, only to be bowled over by a great green head with a darker crest and red eye-shields. He wrapped himself around his friend's big cranium and held on as best he could as the green dragon twittered, amused.

"Alright, alright! Put me down, you'll get your 'block!" he laughed. With that, the Flygon gently lowered his head until the boy's feet touched rock again. Once he'd gained his footing, he punched the ground dragon playfully on the shoulder. "Brat," he said, reaching into his bag and tossing his friend a purple pokéblock. As Forseti chewed happily on his candy, Miv turned back towards the path up which they had come. He unclipped another pokéball from his belt and tossed it out on the jagged mountain face. There was a cloud of smoke and light, which dissipated quickly to reveal a huge, glistening pile of boulders. The "boulders" shifted as Glitnir awoke, yawned, and stretched to her full length of thirty-two feet. Her large head with its protruding jaw swung around to face her trainer, who lightly stroked her metallic snout.

"Hey Glitnir, one more level and the Pokédex says you'll get a new move!" Miv said enthusiastically to his shining friend, but he did not elicit much reaction from the stone-faced Steelix. Not that he had expected to see her romp in joy or anything, especially not with Forseti around; Lonely pokémon by nature perform best when they fight alone. "I think there's plenty of tough pokémon in the caves around here. Let me just get 'seti back in his ball and we'll take off."

He was reaching for the Flygon's pokéball when the pokégear in his pocket jangled. "Sis?" he said out loud, taking a glance at the caller's name displayed on the screen. The two larger pokémon towered over him, peering over his shoulder. "I wonder what she's up to."

He clicked the 'Accept' button and greeted his younger sibling. "Hey Trina! Haven't heard from you in a while."

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