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Green tea: genmaicha

The beginning of a grand new adventure.

Posted by genmaicha on 2005.12.15 at 19:11
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"Glad that you both could make it!" Professor Oak was beaming to the two girls seated in a spare room of the Blackthorn Pokémon Center. "Now, for introductions, I believe you may know myself and my colleagues, Professor Elm," and he nodded to one of the vidscreens with the researcher's image, "and Professor Birch," and he inclined his head to the man next to him. "And I don't believe the two of you have met. However, since time is of the essence, I'll have to pass through that rather quickly. Trina Andrews of Cinnabar, dragon trainer," and he smiled to the shorter blonde girl, "and Selene Montgomery of Saffron, psychic trainer," now nodding to the solemn dark-haired girl with the Abra clinging to her backpack.

"I suppose you'd like to know why we've called you two up. Well, the full story is quite a long one, so we've prepared lengthy documents of all pertinent information and loaded them onto these Pokédexes, which will be yours," Oak continued, with a nod to the equipment on the table next to them. "But to briefly explain... We seek information on all of Pokémon-kind. We've managed to acquire at least the most basic on almost every species known to us, but one group of Pokémon still eludes us, and that group is a powerful and rare one, whose very existence is in doubt. It is, of course, most scientific to be skeptical until evidence is provided that cannot be dismissed, but given the prevalence of legends surrounding these creatures, we wish to give them the benefit of the doubt. We seek to learn as much about them as possible, including any evidence that can confirm their existence. And for that reason, we've assembled teams of accomplished Pokémon trainers around the regions."

Professor Birch continued the explanation. "Trina, trainer of dragons, and Selene, trainer of psychics, we request your assistance in our research on the legendary Dragon Twins, Latios and Latias. You are both accomplished young trainers, and your skill in your respective elements is what has led us to bring you together. We believe that two trainers with knowledge of the Pokémon types to which these legendaries belong will have a certain edge in this research."

Elm added, his voice crackling over the vidlink, "Of course, the information we do have is sketchy at best, but perhaps your own marvelous bonds with your own Pokémon will assist you."

There was a pause then, as the professors let the two trainers take it all in. Trina blinked furiously, and Selene remained outwardly impassive. Finally, the dragon girl spoke. "So...you want us to hunt legends?"

"To put it succinctly, yes," Birch nodded. "Whatever information you can gather will be of much importance. Of course, any other information on other Pokémon species you obtain along the way would also be of interest. Trina, I believe you train one of the rare 'shining' Pokémon, if I am not mistaken--a Gyarados? And Selene, you have on your team a highly prized and scarcely-found Metang, am I correct?" Both girls nodded. "Well then, the information you have on those Pokémon alone is highly valuable to us."

"Though the Dragon Twins remain our priority," Elm cut in with a smile. "Throughout history we've collected only scant information on them...we know only their names, their elements, that they are siblings, and that one bears red markings while the other has blue. From that point on, the legends diverge, describing many different and often mutually exclusive qualities that supposedly belong to these Pokémon. All the information is in your new Pokédexes...that is, if you will agree to assist us. The Pokédexes would be a portion of your repayment, along with a stipend."

"And along with further Pokémon assistence," Oak added. "We've studied your records and have determined what, of the Pokémon each of us favors, would best assist your teams. That is why I would like you to have this Charmander, Trina," he said, holding out a Pokéball to the startled girl.

"And for you, Selene, this Torchic," said Birch as he proffered the ball to the dark-haired girl. "I felt it best to help balance your team."

"Thank you," Selene murmured, accepting the Pokéball, and after a moment, Trina also took the one offered to her.

"I suppose this means we're in," the blonde said to her new companion, who favored her with the hint of a smile.

"Excellent!" Oak said brightly. "As explained, much more information is available in your new Pokédexes--ah, thank you, Birch," he said as the other researcher gave the devices to the girls. "We do understand that this is a most difficult undertaking, and that you may not uncover anything at all, but no new information is indeed information in itself. At any rate, we will have learned that they are more difficult than we anticipated to research."

Birch inclined his head to the girls. "I have recommended that your field research begin in the Hoenn region, as that is where most reports of Latios and Latias have originated. A ferry to Sootopolis can be arranged for three days from now...I hope that gives you enough time to get in touch with your families and put in order any outstanding business?" He paused, and the girls nodded. "Excellent! We've programmed our contact information into the call devices on the Pokédexes, so we'll always be a few button-presses away. And- oh, dear," he broke off and peered at his wristwatch, which had started an insistant beeping. "Oh, dear, I'm afraid Oak and I need to be on our way, another pressing appointment. I am most pleased that you have agreed to assist us, Trina, Selene, and I know that we can expect great things from your efforts! Now, please excuse us-"

"But what if-" Trina was cut off as the vidlink closed and the two professors present moved toward the door.

Oak waved. "The files are on your Pokédexes! And remember, you can always call us! Sorry to rush out, but time is of the essence!" And with that the door closed behind him and Birch, leaving the two bewildered girls alone.

A few heartbeats passed. "...Well. That was definitely not what I was expecting," Trina said into the silence, glancing at the other girl, and then studying the Pokéball she now held.

"Indeed..." Selene murmured, but offered little else, her own contempation on the sphere she held. A gentle tap of her thumb triggered the release button, and in a flash of reddish light, a small orange bird appeared on the floor in front of her. It blinked its dark eyes and tilted its head up to her, eliciting a small smile. Trina watched, then tapped her own Pokéball open; the orange form she released was scaled, tail tipped with a flame, and it looked up at her with its soulful eyes.

"Both females," Trina mused aloud in faint surprise as she examined them with the assistence of her new Pokédex. The females were so much rarer than the males, and tended to be retained by breeders. Perhaps there was a reason to give them both female Pokémon?

"Ankaa," Selene spoke aloud, and Trina gave her a quizzical look. "The Torchic," Selene explained with a nod. "Ankaa." "Chicchic," the bird chimed in, seeming to express acceptance.

"Oh! Names! Of course!" Trina looked to her Charmander, who had cautiously edged a bit closer to her with wide, curious eyes. "...Blayze," she said, as her eyes fell on a distinctive marking, a paler stripe down the dorsal area of the lizard from crown to tailtip. "Chaaarr," the lizard breathed quietly, nodding her head.

"Well then... I suppose this is the beginning of a grand new adventure," Selene said, and Trina wasn't sure if there was a slight twist of humor to her words or not.

"I think so," the dragon trainer decided to agree. "It looks like the Pokédexes already have our numbers programmed, so...I guess I'll get in touch with my family, and I'll see you in three days on the ferry?"

Selene looked at the blonde girl and nodded, rising to her feet and summoning the Torchic back into its Pokéball. "I will see you then," she said in her low voice. The Abra in her backpack briefly lifted its head, its eyes opening briefly, and then in a sudden shimmer, they were gone.

"...Wow," Trina said to the Charmander. "I guess that's something I'm gonna have to get used to. C'mon, Blayze. I think I need to call Miv. After I get my team healed up and introduced to you, that is." She got up, inviting the lizard to toddle after her as she exited the room.


kiohl at 2005-12-16 05:19 (UTC) (Link)
Yay :) They get along pretty well for two strangers, though there isn't too much conversation. XD

Ooooooo, Miv! :D :D
genmaicha at 2005-12-16 05:36 (UTC) (Link)
Yeah, the getting-along thing probably won't last too much longer. ;D
kiohl at 2005-12-16 08:06 (UTC) (Link)
Mwahaha XD
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