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Miv's team

(( The remainder of what I'd written ))

Posted by kiohl on 2009.03.31 at 21:36
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(( So I'm sure any watchers will have noticed that this hasn't been updated. :) I just wanted to get a little bit more out, since it's been sitting in mine and selasphorus' inboxes for about two and a half years now. XD; This entry is backdated a year. Or... attempted to, but I don't think I did it right. o_o [Someone needs to teach me how to do this XD;] Never mind, I'll just leave it.

Anyway, there will possibly be more in the future, but if there is, it's going to be from the past...! ))

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Part of a system, I am

Posted by genmaicha on 2006.08.20 at 16:06
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Character Profiles: Tekiya

Posted by genmaicha on 2006.08.16 at 16:13
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Miv and Forseti

Character Profiles: Miv

Posted by kiohl on 2006.08.15 at 16:40
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Character Profiles: Selene

Posted by genmaicha on 2006.08.15 at 14:58
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Character Profiles: Trina

Posted by genmaicha on 2006.08.15 at 14:57
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flygon windblast
Posted by kiohl on 2006.08.10 at 10:20
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(( Darnit Luxie, getting me hooked on www.pokemoncrater.com!! D: XD For anyone who feels like adding me, my name on there is kiohl (duh). :P

And now, storytime! ))

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Introducing Cameron

Posted by genmaicha on 2006.08.09 at 14:24
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OOC: Unforgotten!

Posted by genmaicha on 2006.08.07 at 22:44
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No, we haven't forgotten! It's just been...heh, well, stuff's been crazy, let's put it that way. :)

But while you're waiting for an update (which shouldn't be long), go check out http://www.pokemoncrater.com -- it's an interactive online Pokémon game that allows you to pick from 12 different starters (the three sets of starters plus Pidgey, Pichu, and Poochyena) and then go out onto maps to battle and catch wild Pokémon, fight other trainers in live or computer-controlled battles, take on the gyms and Elite (and after you do that you can randomly encounter legendaries), trade with other players...it's really keen. The battle system is very simplified, but it works to make it faster to level up; I've only been playing a day and I already have an L70+ Metagross. :) Plus, there's Shiny, Dark, and Metallic Pokémon; Shiny have a 25% HP boost, Dark have a 25% Attack boost, and Metallics are unaffected by status ailments like paralysis. So! Make an account, add me (username Illucian; I have to be online for you to see me, as seems to be the case for all members), and start playing! Oh, and join the forums, too; there are some hella awesome people there who can help you out (and some tards, but that goes for all forums, yes?)

Be warned: it is DESPERATELY addicting. :)

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Forward movements

Posted by genmaicha on 2006.05.07 at 13:12
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OOC: Taking off from Miv's last.
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